About us

About Us

Rosebud Ministries exists as an Outreach Ministry to Widows and those who have experienced loss.

Our Mission is to empower, encourage, strengthen and care for the widows according to the Holy Scriptures.  Our hope is that each participant will recognize that even in loss restoration is available. This will be accomplished through prayer, compassion and understanding. Rosebud Ministries will help each widow to see their own personal value and connect through empowerment, mentorship and networking.
Vision of Rosebud Ministries is to see this outreach ministry expand to many other communities throughout the local area as well as globally.  The value of the widow will serve as a great enrichment to any community once this special group of people is strengthened, empowered, and recognized.

We stand by:

Our Hope

Our hope is that each participant will recognize that even in loss restoration is available.!

Our Help

We help empower the women which will impact our communities both locally & globally.

Our Message

We welcome you to join us at our next ministry gathering. Rosebud holds bi-monthly meetings and a host of other community outreach events including health fairs.!

We are the best in:

Empowerment is one of the tools we utilize to offer hope to widows and others who have suffered loss…

Mentoring is another service we offer the widows who participate in our program initiatives and attend our bi-monthly meetings…

Networking is a vital component in allowing Rosebud Ministries’ participants to stay connected to the community and its resources…


Help us as we empower and uplift those who have suffered loss!

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